You've been asking for this, now it's here.

Almost every SaaS receives a handful of payments outside Stripe. It's annoying to see these payments missing from the numbers, but it also makes reporting to investors harder.

Now you can import any payments to FirstOfficer.

Import Payments Button in the Account Page

Importing the Payments

At the moment you can only import payments one-by-one through the user interface.

You can use the existing plans and customers that you have in Stripe, or you can create new ones.

While you import, you can easily search for the right customer:

Import Payments Customer Selection

And you can create new plans and customers on the run if needed:

Import Payments Plan Selection

Whatever you import will be shown as it was coming from Stripe. All upgrades, downgrades and quantity changes will be booked just like with any other payments.

Payments Waiting for Import

This is an exciting feature - it makes other similar features possible in the future, like importing from CSV and PayPal.

Jaana Kulmala