When people want to sell you a content marketing service, what do they do?

They give out awesome content about content marketing. This is a collection of 5 superb resources like that - content marketing about content marketing.

1. The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

The periodic table of content marketing This infographic gives you a nice overview of all there is to doing content marketing. It comes with short explanations of the sections.

2. Double Your Email List Course

Email is one of your strongest content marketing tool. Based on the eCommerce Quarterly report, conversion rates for traffic from email are in average 4.25%, compared to 0.59% for social.

But this course isn't just about email - it's an enjoyable ride to learn content marketing concepts and ideas that work in any format.

Noah's style of writing is a delight to read and the emails are just the right length to actually get something done.

3. Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools

Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools This infographic gives you a really nice overview of the tools that can help you with content marketing. It comes with a full link list with short descriptions about each of the tools and a link to the tool's homepage.

4. B2B Content Marketing Reports

Do you want to learn what type of content people prefer? Should you outsource your blog writing? When to ask people to part from their email addresses?

These surveys and benchmarks gives you the answers in a fun-to-read chart format:

1 . B2B Content Preferences Survey 2014 lets you know what kind of content people like to read and share. You'll learn, for example, that 97% of people happily give you their email to attend a webinar, and 85% let you have their email in exchange of a downloadble ebook.

2 . B2B Content Marketing Report 2014 shows the current trends in content marketing. It's a great way to find out what other content marketers prefer.

5. Guide: Content Marketing Workflow

The B2B Content Marketing Report (above) tells that having a content strategy can make your marketing more effective.

This guide teaches how you can create your own strategy and plan. It also explains some basic things about project management and how to deal with subcontractors. Plus, it has nice workflow templates that your team can use.

Jaana Kulmala