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Just launched? Here's why You should focus on acquisition, not on churn

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What is Deferred Revenue and why your startup needs to know it?

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Learn SaaS Metrics in Bite-Sized Pieces

Would you like to get some tips, tricks and inspiration on how to use SaaS metrics in practice?

I've compiled a set of tiny tips on metrics and finances into an email course.

Join the Bite-Sized Metrics...

Your LTV is wrong if you forget that you excluded these customers

One of my favorite churn reduction experts, Lincoln Murphy, recently published a fine article about customizations in your churn rate: Your SaaS Metrics Are Wrong if You Include These Customers.


The Month of The Bloated Expectations

February has just 28 days. You probably have customers whose subscriptions were due at 28th, 29th, 30th and 31th. In February all those people got charged at 28th. That means you've got 4 days worth...

Import Non-Stripe Payments to FirstOfficer.io

You've been asking for this, now it's here.

Almost every SaaS receives a handful of payments outside Stripe. It's annoying to see these payments missing from the numbers, but it also makes reporting...

3 Ways to Become a Better Businessman

How do you grow as a businessman? Are there any shortcuts?

During the last year I’ve grown, but I’ve also had a prime seat to watch others grow. I’ve seen patterns in how successful businessmen approach things differently.

5 Superb Content Marketing Resources

When people want to sell you a content marketing service, what do they do?

They give out awesome content about content marketing. This is a collection of 5 superb resources like that - content marketing about content marketing.

Monthly to annual - is it an upgrade or downgrade?

Monthly plans usually have higher per-month price than annual plans. So when customers move from monthly to annual plans, you lose MRR.

Based on that, is the move an upgrade or a downgrade?

You get...